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    Hamlet Title: Your Superior Title Company in Long Island

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    Buying a house is an exciting but stressful time. The more you can do to make the process smoother, the better. With all the paperwork and legal issues that can arise, it helps to be partnering with the experts. That’s where Hamlet comes in. We will provide you comprehensive Title Insurance.

    Hamlet Title Agency, the leading New York Title Agency, has helped thousands of residential home-buyers in New York State by providing the highest quality title insurance for over a decade. Whether you’re buying a luxury condominium or just looking to buy your first single family home, we can provide you with the most comprehensive title insurance policy.

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    Commercial Real Estate Title Insurance

    We Will Be Your Partner Through Every Step of The Way. 


    Ensuring your protection in a complex commercial closings requires a title insurance agency you can trust. You can rely on our years of experience of expert assistance from pre-closing to post-closing. The more complex the closing, the more you need a title insurance agency that you can trust won’t overlook a single possibility. Our title insurance will ensure that you are protected against any problem that may arise in a title search.

    Access to 250+ Legal Forms 

    We have built a library of over 250+ legal forms ready to be used. We’re always looking for new ways to provide value to our customers, our attorney partners, real estate agents, and all. We want your feedback, be sure to let us know if our resources are helpful for you!